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Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy 
(aka Sports or Deep Tissue Massage)

Whatever your walk of life, Remedial Soft Tissue Massage offers many benefits.

A variety of techniques, adapted rhythms and depths target the body’s specific soft tissues (ie: muscles, tendons, fascia) most in need. 

It is for you if you want to:
- enhance performance

- improve energy

- promote relaxation

- increase flexibility and range of motion

- correct functional muscular imbalance 

- reduce pain

- aid with muscle recovery

… overall, greatly assist your well-being and self-care!

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About your Therapist

Through her first career in dance, Anna-Lou has always been interested in harmonising movement in her own body (whilst performing) and others (whilst teaching and choreographing). Her transition into manual therapy developed very naturally and as a massage therapist Anna-Lou is particularly keen on supporting people to feel more comfortable in their own bodies and so facilitate smooth and effective performance in their world.

She graduated with a BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy at the North London School of Sports Massage and has attending a year long work placement as a Soft Tissue Therapist at the Royal Ballet School. She works mainly with dancers, performers and athletes and believes in tailoring treatments to everybody's specific needs.

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Treatments in St Albans

What’s Available

Back Massage

Initial Appointement


Standard Appointment

Sports massage on leg

Follow-up Appointment

What to expect?

Anna will explore your history, conditions and goals with you, as well as establishing and performing a 1 hour treatment.

Duration: 1h hands-on and 30min free assessment
Price: £60

What to expect?

This is the most usual format after your initial appoitment. Your condition and needs will be continually assessed and you will receive about 50-60 min treatment.


Price: £60

What to expect?

This format is best for those who need specific, targeted and regular treatment. It will focus on only one area of concern and lasts about 30min.

Duration: 45min

Price: £45 (min 2 sessions after initial appointment) 

Acupressure Neck Massage


Image by Jakob Braun

Are you a professional dancer or live performer?

Flowers on Bare Back

Terms & Conditions

What to expect?

This is for you if your body and mind need that little bit of extra attention: it allows time for specific treatments AND the full body experience too! You will spend an entire 1h30 on the table and enjoy a full body massage! 

(Can be booked as an initial treatment)

Lenght: 1h45-2h

Price: £95

Anna's got your back!

Get 15% off if you work as a professional performer/athlete or are attending vocational training.


- Appointments are to be paid via bank transfer within 24 hours of booking to secure the session.
- Appointments are fully refundable up to 48-hours prior to the scheduled session.
- Cancellations occuring between 48- and 24-hours prior to appointment will be refunded at 50%. 
- Cancellations within 24-hours of scheduled session are due in full.

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Massage Therapist: Testimonials

Anna-Lou is keeping me fit and healthy with her amazing intuitive technique that is suited to wherever my body is when I come to see her - you won’t find this kind of body work and care anywhere else in London. I am able to keep dancing and figure skating well beyond what I thought was possible!

- Anne-Marie Detert -

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Appointment schedule is flexible and are most usually available on Tuesdays and last Saturday of each month.

Contact Anna with further questions or enquiries (links below):

- send me an email 

- send a SMS or call 
- PM me on instagram 

- or fill in the contact form.

+44 (0)7 300 810 755

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