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Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy 
(aka Sports or Deep Tissue Massage)

Whatever your walk of life, Remedial Soft Tissue Massage offers many benefits.

A variety of techniques, adapted rhythms and depths target the body’s specific soft tissues (ie: muscles, tendons, fascia) most in need. 

It is for you if you want to:
- enhance performance

- improve energy

- promote relaxation

- increase flexibility and range of motion

- correct functional muscular imbalance 

- reduce pain

- aid with muscle recovery

… overall, greatly assist your well-being and self-care!

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About your Therapist

Through her first career in dance, Anna-Lou has always been interested in harmonising movement in her own body (whilst performing) and others (whilst teaching and choreographing). Her transition into manual therapy developed very naturally and as a massage therapist Anna-Lou is particularly keen on supporting people to feel more comfortable in their own bodies

and so facilitate smooth and effective performance in their world.

She graduated with a BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy at the North London School of Sports Massage and has attending a year long work placement as a Soft Tissue Therapist at the Royal Ballet School. She works mainly with dancers, performers and athletes and believes in tailoring treatments to everybody's specific needs.

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What’s Available

Back Massage

Initial Appointement


Standard Appointment

Sports massage on leg

Follow-up Appointment

What to expect?

Anna will explore your history, conditions and goals with you, as well as establishing and performing a 1 hour treatment.

Duration: 1h hands-on and 30min free assessment
Price: £60

What to expect?

This is the most usual format after your initial appoitment. Your condition and needs will be continually assessed and you will receive about 50-60 min treatment.


Price: £60

What to expect?

This format is best for those who need specific, targeted and regular treatment. It will focus on only one area of concern and lasts about 30min.

Duration: 45min

Price: £45 (min 4 sessions) 

Acupressure Neck Massage


Image by Jakob Braun

Are you a professional dancer or live performer?

Flowers on Bare Back

Terms & Conditions

What to expect?

This is for you if your body and mind need that little bit of extra attention: it allows time for specific treatments AND the full body experience too! You will spend an entire 1h30 on the table and enjoy a full body massage! 

(Can be booked as an initial treatment)

Lenght: 1h45-2h

Price: £95

Anna's got your back!

Get 15% off if you work as a professional performer/athlete or are attending vocational training.


- Appointments are to be paid via bank transfer within 24 hours of booking to secure the session.
- Appointments are fully refundable up to 48-hours prior to the scheduled session.
- Cancellations occuring between 48- and 24-hours prior to appointment will be refunded at 50%. 
- Cancellations within 24-hours of scheduled session are due in full.

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Massage Therapist: Testimonials

Anna-Lou helped me enormously after serious abdominal surgery. Her treatments are reviving and stimulating for the body as well as relaxing and soothing. She really gets to know the individual body and its needs in a very short space of time and has helped me heal much more effectively and quickly. I'm dancing again!! Thanks to Anna Lou.

- Jilly Connick -

Back Massage

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Appointments are usually available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the last Saturday of each month.

Contact Anna with further questions or enquiries (links below):

- send me an email 

- send a SMS or call 
- PM me on instagram 

- or fill in the contact form.

+44 (0)7 300 810 755

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