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About Anna-Lou

Throughout her wide range of experience, Anna-Lou has always been keen on exploring movement in-depth so as to examine the various possibilities of our expression.  During over 10 years in the professional dance world in the UK and overseas, she has been involved in independent creative collaborations, teaching, directing, modeling and worked with established companies, concurrently delving into different techniques such as Theatre, Zena Rommett® Floor-Barre or Argentine Tango...

Her commitment and curiosity have made her a versatile and distinctive artist. Both as a performer and a director she is eager to deepen her understanding of the human body and mind; find and refine “genuine” and congruous movements to serve the music, the space, the group and the intention of the pieces. To her, this is what gives art the power to move, inspire and connect each and every one (performers and spectators).

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How can Anna-Lou Dance Support you?

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Dance Performer

Versatile and Distincive Artist

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Creative Leader

- Movement Direction
- Choreography


Movement Educator

- Certified Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® Teacher 
- Contemporary Dance and Ballet Teacher

Iris Flowers

Massage Therapist

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BAQ Represented

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Freelance Company Project

FCP- A community for professional freelance movers

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