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- Movement Direction
- Choreography

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Choreography and Movement Direction - Aug 2020:

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Hampstead Garden Opera’s SAVITRI was the first fully staged opera in London after the initial pandemic lockdown.

The open-air and socially-distanced production of this one-act opera from Gustav Holst took place, in accordance with government regulations, in the gardens of Lauderdale House, Highgate.

Savitri was the ideal piece for this extraordinary time and genuinely best served by these circumstances: physically distanced and yearning for contact - the perfect opportunity to explore how to create contact through physicality whislt unable to touch each other. Besides, Holst wrote Savitri to be performed outdoors with minimal scenery, and his tale of life, death, illusion and hope is powerfully resonant with our times. 

(Trailer Credit: Jan Capinski)

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Choreography and performance - Mar 2021:

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"Voices" is one of the 12 pieces composed to the theme of isolation for Green Opera first contemporary opera project, "Isolated Incidents".

Artistic Director: Eleanor Burke /  Composer: Leo Salem
Choreographer & Dancer : Anna-Lou Mary
Videographer: Ruby Gray / Video Editor: Luisa Lazzaro

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More to come soon...

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